2w • Edited •

I just wanted to say what an amazing event UXCamp was over the weekend! Thanks to the UXCamp team for having me as a guest speaker and to all those that helped make the event a real success!

I spoke on “how ux will evolve within artificial intelligence” and really appreciated all the positive feedback and progressive discussions that ensued!

I also attended lots of other interesting and motivational talks – discussing chatGPT in detail as well as trialling some amazing home made haptic gloves!!

For those that missed UXCamp at the weekend … some shots from some of the workshops here….some great talks on user research, artificial intelligence and the marginalisation of accents from sub-cultures …. Some real food for thought!! #ux

Hilarious end to the day where we all had to perform poems on UX in different styles 🤣

For those that missed the talk – below is a video I recorded below presenting the same talk: