Due to the corona virus pandemic – Should I still be leading a talk and workshop at UX Camp 2020 conference? With many spring / summer events being cancelled all over the world – I must warn all those whom are planning to go to UX Camp 2020 in Brighton that myself and some others may no longer be leading one of the talks / workshops unless of course the ban on events is dropped between now and May. The conference event being held in Brighton on 16th of May promises to be one of the UK’s top UX events for 2020. As with many other event cancellations this would be very disappointing. However if the event is cancelled I’m planning on presenting my part over a live webcast so that those of you whom need your UX fix can stay off the methodone and get the real stuff – live and fresh. Perhaps we can find more innovative and digital methods to recreate live events in the virtual world and not let this virus write off our summer !! However, in the case of this particular event we still have time ….. is the 16th may far away enough to be at the optimal time when corona cases are in heavy decline?!? Your thoughts please …. perhaps a UX conference in the North Pole? Or on Mars? hashtaguserexperience hashtagux hashtaguserexperiencedesign