Optimising your email for mobile devices


Designing for the mobile devices is nothing particularly new. Most decent handsets available now provide the “full web” experience and there are really not a lot of popular sites left that don’t include a mobile stylesheet for small screens.With this in mind, it seems that mobile stylesheets haven’t proven to be quite as popular in email, despite the advantages they provide to devices that make use of the @media query. Lets take a look at optimizing your HTML email for mobile, including the finer points of using @media in Campaign Monitor.

Why optimize HTML email for mobile?

To be honest, viewing HTML email on a mobile device can be plain tricky. Even on the iPhone, it’s quite common to have text automatically rescaled to a size that’s near unreadable, or in a way that can break your design. Wide emails often require horizontal scrolling, especially when there’s a large image involved. Users are becoming less content with viewing content which has not been optimised as we become more spoilt users.

By creating a separate set of styles to be used by devices that recognize the @media query, you can optimize your emails in a similar fashion to how web pages are being optimized for the mobile today. Devices that don’t recognize @media will degrade gracefully by simply reverting to your default styles.