I was recently contacted by someone at Facebook whom attempted to snare me into the talent trap. A trap for years I had longed for…. the mighty Facebook! Like many working in digital – I have admired Facebook for their dominating commitment to innovation. One of ‘The Big Four’ – the so called ‘GAFA’ companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) had come calling. And when Facebook says jump – most will yell ‘How High?!’.

Not me however.

Of course I wouldn’t be in this position if I weren’t an experienced Digitalpreneur myself. I have plied my trade in various design and digital capacities over the last 15 years covering new product start-ups to established blue-chip giants such as American Express, Nestle and Sony Entertainment.

With my veteran years approaching – I still have the enthusiasm and zeal of a twenty-something digital aggressor. But with kids in tow, and an increasingly wider value on interests outside of digital – I find myself wondering if the dream job is really an illusion waiting to be shattered??!?

For starters, Id have to get back into a daily commute to central London. This would mean relinquishing my self-indulgent morning routine (wake late, workout in my home gym – then breakfast with my kids).

I’d be on the 7am train from Brighton to London Bridge (possibly standing the whole way due to overcrowding). I’d be leaving work late and arriving back in Brighton around 8pm each night. Id be leaving a comfortable position working at B&CE in Crawley where I have been feeling the love and appreciation of my peers for the last 16 months. I have carved out a comfortable position working within the digital experience team and feel like I have a strong purpose now both at work and at home….. And to risk all this for a younger model… the sexy and desired Facebook….

I happened to attend a presentation by Stef Smet (a product designer at Facebook) only a few months ago at the UX LIVE conference 2019 in London Excel. I was wowed by the commitment Facebook had given to the VR Studio product – and fascinated by the whole product development process which is structured into phases of: ideation, vision work and prototyping.

The dilemma has been eating me up for a few days… I have engaged in conversation with a persistent lady at Facebook whom says they have been ‘monitoring me for a while’ and ‘feel this is the right time for me to step into the big shoes of Product Designer at Facebook….

Opportunities like this don’t come along often. So should I take it? Or stay well within my comfort zone…. Well I can tell you that I don’t need advice… I’m staying put. I am happily employed at B&CE and happily enjoying my life stage as a much needed ‘home before story time’ dad.

I have an employer whom is committed to its digital transformation journey and are investing in my development through generous training opportunities. My team ‘El-Capitan’ James Durrant @jamesdurrant, is an inspiring digital-transformationist with excellent leadership qualities, real vision and practical nous on how to implement this complicated digital transformation project. So its a swashbuckling adventure to be on board an innovative ship with an innovative and digitally-experienced captain at the helm!

So for now Facebook…. I’m sorry but I’m washing my hair… Maybe come back one day once I have lost it all and am ready for a veteran’s challenge… if you’ll have me by then?

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