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Thought Leadership, White Papers, Policy Advisory, Board Membership, Consultancy

Prof. Olinga Ta’eed

Creator of the ‘God Metric’ the Social Earnings Ratio (S/E)

Barbara Mellish

Global banking cyber resilience and blockchain innovation

Prof. Karen Cham

Digital transformation and Next Gen products & services

Chris Brown

Global UC virtualisation architecture & engineering

Prof Maziar Nekovee

UKs only academic on 5G-PPP, the EUs 5G infrastructure assoc

Prof. Petko Kusev

Behavioural science, risk and decision making

Prof. James Orwell

Computer vision, signal processing & surveillance

Jan O’Hara

Transport telematics and institutional blockchain

Steve Pluta

Global mobile solutions technical architecture

Kim Gasson

Global mobility solutions for enterprise

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More soon….

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