I’m Luke Baldwin aka ‘Lucas’

Freelance UI / UX Designer

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People ignore design that ignores people…
Hi, I’m Luke (aka Lucas)
I’m a UX designer with a focus on “User-centred” experience design.
I’m passionate about keeping human factors at the core of of solution development and am a real fan of ‘Design Thinking’.
I am a senior designer, speaker at UX events and volunteer with the RNIB assistive technology centre in Brighton, UK. I’m a UX mentor for Lovecircular.com.
Please watch a recording of my recent talk at UX Camp here.

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Previous work places and clients have included TheTrainLine, Nestle, American Express, United Nations and SonyBMG.
Im currently freelancing and interested in any exciting opportunities within UI / UX and interaction design.
I am also now a ‘Certified UX Practitioner’

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UX Camp Brighton 2023!

2w • Edited • I just wanted to say what an amazing event UXCamp was over the weekend! Thanks to the UXCamp team for having me as a guest speaker and to all those that helped make the event a real success! I spoke on “how ux will evolve within artificial intelligence”...

Completed the Google UX Foundation Certification!

So.. I thought.. I already have years and years experience in UX.. why do I need to get 'Google Certified'?!?!? Do I need to prove my knowledge via a generic online course? If you want to start a career as a User Experience Designer, getting a certification from...

Information chunking talk at UX Camp Brighton

Thanks to all that came along to my talk yesterday on the topic of 'Information Chunking' - where I told two stories relating to users memory during key journeys. I'm glad to have saved my embarrassment by proving that Millers Law really does work in practice! I asked...

Zoom UX Conferencing

Having been indulged in 2019 with nearly £14,000 spent on my career development and training in 2019 - I know I think or two about UX conferences!  So having been a regular on the circuit from UX Live to UX Brighton and all the other product design and CX conferences...

Headhunted by Facebook!

I was recently contacted by someone at Facebook whom attempted to snare me into the talent trap. A trap for years I had longed for.... the mighty Facebook! Like many working in digital - I have admired Facebook for their dominating commitment to innovation. One of...

Met Chief Storyteller at Microsoft!

What an insightful and hilarious talk by Steve Clayton “chief storyteller” at Microsoft. And also what a job title!! Who else has a Chief Storyteller” within their business?!?! Storytelling can add context and deeper meaning to communication. And the forms of...

Leading workshop at UX Camp 2020

Due to the corona virus pandemic - Should I still be leading a talk and workshop at UX Camp 2020 conference? With many spring / summer events being cancelled all over the world - I must warn all those whom are planning to go to UX Camp 2020 in Brighton that myself and...

Invision Product User Testing

Are you a user or advocate of Invision 'digital design platform' ? Invision are looking for participants to research the experience of using the tool and are offering a $50 Amazon voucher for a 30 min user testing session! I just completed my session. As well as...

UX Live conference 2019

Day 3 of UX Live conference completes and boy was that a grand-finale with key speakers From Facebook , Amazon-Alexa and Microsoft speaking on some fascinating topics including insights into designing for their new products and technologies from AR, VR and artificial...

UX Brighton 2019

Excited to be at UX Brighton today and to be able to absorb from so many inspiring digital professionals! Everything from artificial intelligence to design ops. UX Brighton - part 2! Thanks to Danny Hope and all those whom spoke at the conference yesterday. A...

My Latest Work

My Skills

Whilst my core skills are in creating engaging design and mastering a number of Industry standard design software, some of my coding skills are advanced and enable me to build realistic digital prototypes.
  • Interface Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Discovery workshop facilitation
  • Usability testing moderation

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My Clients

Luke and the team at Double Digit Media produced an excellent educative video for us at the Sussex Community foundation NHS Trust Occupational Health Department. Double Digit Media also produced some illustrations, which were used in the video, to be used for a poster produced by us for a regional competition. This poster went on to win recognition in the competition.
Alex Brewer

Web & Social Media Manager, The NHS

Luke has lots of creative energy. He came up with some excellent design concepts, which demonstrated the diverse scope of his design knowledge and skills. Luke was also a pleasure to work with—a real team player.
Denice Jackson

Marketing Communications Manager, Schlumberger

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